The Lion's Den 2017 In Review

The Lion's Den 2017 In Review

The second annual Lion's Den event in the DFW Metroplex highlighted 10 different entrepreneurs demonstrating their vision, business model, and passion to deliver a business with a Kingdom impact. Three of the companies who pitched have already reported that they received 6 figure investments. Real businesses are finding real investors and are making real impact! Praise the Lord!


Click here  to watch the event day recap video.

The event has two primary goals. First, to see Kingdom-minded businesses which are looking for capital connect with Kingdom-minded investors who want to invest in companies with financial potential which are also impacting the world for Christ. The second goal is to inspire, educate, and mobilize Kingdom minded individuals to put their time, talent and resources into Kingdom minded business ventures.

Over the past 2 years of this Dallas Baptist University based event, several million dollars have flowed into some of these business opportunities providing needed capital from Christian investors as reported back from the companies.

The Breakout Sessions were a new opportunity this year for attendees to learn more about Christian Impact investing, Entrepreneurship, Millennials in the workplace, and what the Bible has to say about business.  Many of the classes were packed to standing room only during both morning sessions.

The Exhibition Hall provided a wonderful opportunity for investors, students, and other attendees to interact with the pitch companies and sponsors.

The Keynote featuring Jon Erwin of Erwin Brothers Entertainment was fantastic. He was hilarious from start to end with a close that made the entire room pause in thought...because of current and emerging technology, we could truly be the generation that sees the gospel get to the ends of the earth through our businesses......

The Pitch companies were tremendous once again this year. Some of the featured entrepreneurs included: a new Christian movie, a Church based children’s preschool academy, Coconut oil produced in the Philippines, cashew nuts harvested in Mozambique, an animated Pilgrim’s Progress movie, an improved mosquito repellant, an architectural 3-D printing machine for construction materials, a pocket sized water purifier, and new athletic-wear clothing.


Congratulations to the Award Winners:


Audience choices:

Main Event Audience Favorite: Sunshine Nut Co.

Rocket Round Audience Favorite: Cat in the Mill Studios

Panel choices:

Main Event Panel Favorite - Livful

Rocket Round Panel Favorite - Dignity Coconuts

Overall Most Missional Impact - Aqua Research

Overall Most Innovative - Branch Technology

Overall Most opportunity for Profitability - Sunshine Nut Co.

Learn more about all The Lion's Den DFW 2017 companies at and see videos about them on our youtube channel and facebook page.

The panel of experts came with top tier experience in their fields. Click here to learn more about them.

Sponsors provide resources to make events happen and this event was no exception. This year’s sponsors were:

Platinum: DBU, Salem Radio including 94.9 KLTY and KEXB 620AM

Silver:  Cherry Petersen Landry Albert LLP, Guidestone Financial Resources, Impact Foundation, Business as Mission Training, Eventide Fund Management, and Zoe Communications Agency.

Patron: Lionheart Children's Academy (last year's pitch company) and Paragon Legal

Overall it was a wonderful event and we continue to see results come in.

A quote from an out of town participant to the recent event….“You guys did a first class job in facilitating Lion's Den Dallas. It was a great event, and a lovely location.  I had not been on the campus before.  My wife and I thought the campus was breathtaking.”  Ray Barreth -  CEO Agora Enterprises.


Is The Lion's Den Right for Me?

Is The Lion's Den Right for Me?

A rather successful trek through high school, a couple college degrees and 5-years post-grad setting up a small private Christian school later, I was feeling pretty confident about my set-up, and even more confident about my skill-set and ability to build.

But nothing tests you quite like entrepreneurship...

The Anchor of The Technology Business

The Anchor of The Technology Business

My original plan was to write a review of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast @DFWTechPB, but much more happened on September 30th than I originally had planned, leading me to dive deeper.

It Is Not Too Late

It Is Not Too Late

It is not too late to sign up for The Lion's Den fall event in Birmingham, AL. It is just a few weeks away on October 27-28, 2016. You can sign up now at 

The 3rd annual event features 4 businesses presenting to hundreds of attendees and a Panel of Lions in a "Shark Tank" type experience with a twist. The Kingdom-Focused Panel will look for sharp business minds focused on producing financial, social, environmental & spiritual results in their chosen endeavors, known as the "Quadline".

Resources for Businesses

Resources for Businesses

Taking Action.  That is how The Creator has hardwired so many of us.  Even more than that, building relationships through action really fires our engines.  So with that in mind I put together this list of resources for so many of our attendees who after our recent event are keenly interested in taking the next action steps in values based investing, starting a new business, or pitching their business to interested investors. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you would like to be added or know of another business that should be please email us by clicking here.

Business Pitch Events
The Lion’s Den Fall Event in Birmingham, AL
The Lion’s Den Spring Event in DFW

Praxis labs

Oceans Accelerator

Co-working spaces
The Foundry Club  

The Grove

Funds / Investing / Wealth Management
Sovereign's capital
Timothy Plan
Capstone financial
The Carpenter's fund


Foundations / Investing Charitable Assets

National Christian Foundation

Impact Foundation

Andrew Clark Wherewithal

Joel Montgomery - Bravewave
Sam Lam - Manas developement  

Executive search
Wheless partners Mabry smith  
The Barnabus Group
The Halftime Institute

Zoe communications Agency

CEO groups and round tables
CEO institute

Truth @ work

Renaisance Executive Forums


Business Coaches

Doug Crawford

Marketplace chaplains
Marketplace ministries  

DFW technology prayer breakfast
Dallas Christian Leadership Prayer breakfast
Business as missions network   or
B4T expo
GLS The global leadership summit   
Movement day greater dallas – marketplace
Work as worship with rightnow
elevate university student business plan competition



Initiative Network
Bill peel of center for faith and worship at la tourneau
CBmc christian business men's connection   
Pegasus fellowship

PCBC @ Work
Dallas real estate ministry
Leadership formation international
The Barnabus Group
The Halftime Institute
4Word Women
Camino foundation  

Prison entrepreneurship program

At work on purpose  

Austing Bridge Builders Alliance

Austin Christian Business Summit

The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics



The Lions Den 2016 in Review

The Lions Den 2016 in Review

May 27th, 2016 was an incredible life changing day.  I was and still am in awe of God for bringing together business and ministry leaders from 4 countries, 8 states, and 28 cities to invest in businesses that will take the good news to the ends of the earth.  

Anticipation was high when the companies arrived for rehearsal Monday afternoon. The 11 companies pitched their businesses and 10 panel judges that were split into two different sessions came at them with challenging questions and words of encouragement.  

The audience voted live throughout they day and audience favorites were chosen in the areas of Innovation, Mission Integration, and Business Model. Both panels got to choose a panel favorite as well. You can see the results and a picture of the winners on our Facebook page by clicking here.

The response to The Lion’s Den DFW 2016 was better than our core could have imagined with many people responding that they were encouraged spiritually and a least 3 companies who pitched already have active investor engagement with one of these companies already receiving investment funds.

Tim Day of Daylight Solutions discussed their tremendous growth since pitching at The Lion’s Den in Birmingham just 6 months before. Joel Montgomery of Bravewave Labs brought a great message on how to become a high growth company.

We were amazed that we had such good engagement from two local groups, incubators and universities.

We had pitch companies from The Dec, attendees from The Grove, and panelists from The Foundry. With 23 incubators in DFW, the opportunities for growth are great.

 The university connections were also really encouraging. UTD was represented, Simon Mak from SMU brought his whole class and used The Lion's Den as a key part of his 1 week course.

DBU also had multiple teachers such as Ross O'brien who built their 1 week classes around The Lion’s Den. We are discussing next year building more classes around the event and using it as a way to engage students on all of the DFW campuses. 

If you missed The Lion’s Den DFW this May, learn more about the pitch companies and panel involved here, and don’t miss the next The Lion's Den event coming October 27-28 in Birmingham, AL. Click here to register now to pitch, to invest, or to attend. The Lion's Den will be coming back to DFW in Spring 2017 and plans are already in the works. Look for a save the date coming soon.

Stigma or Advantage?

Stigma or Advantage?

Would you like to work for a company that genuinely cares about their employees, that pays them fairly, that supports them and their families, that gives generously to the community, that returns profit to investors on time, that supports widows, orphans and human trafficked women out of it’s overflow, that employs those that are disabled, downtrodden, and those who need a second chance from time spent as convicts?

The value of your work and your faithfulness

The value of your work and your faithfulness

The average person will spend more time at work in the next two weeks  (at least 80 hours) than at Sunday morning church in the next year (78 hours- 52 weeks times 1.5 hours). This begs the question, if we spend so much time working, can that time also be spiritually forming, soul nourishing, worshipful of God, and altogether good?

Business in a Sinless World

Business in a Sinless World

If Adam and Eve (and everyone since them) had not sinned, would we still have companies? 

I sometimes ask my business students this question. Trying to imagine the world without their iPhones® or a chai tea latte from Starbucks doesn’t sound much like paradise to them. But the question remains, "If sin had not entered the world and completely corrupted God’s perfect creation, would we still have companies that produce goods and deliver services?" To answer this question, we really need to look at God’s original commandments and also examine the nature of companies.

The 4 Largest Hurdles Affecting the Values Investing Ecosystem

The 4 Largest Hurdles Affecting the Values Investing Ecosystem

In this day and age, many people don’t want to just make money so they can take care of their families.  They also want to know that their work matters according to their set of values and that their investing is making a difference. For centuries, most people were only concerned with making enough money to provide food and shelter for their family, but that has changed here in the U.S.A. for many people. People want their work to make an impact and their investing dollars to go to companies who also support causes that they care about.  However, for many Christ followers, they find this to be a difficult task.  We have identified four key hurdles for the Christian to overcome regarding making money and investing it, so let’s unpack them and talk about what can be done to address them.