Breakout SESSION 1


Kingdom Impact Investing

This option for breakout session one will be led by John Raymond and Endel Liias. John Raymond is the Chief Business Executive for GuideStone Financial Resources leading all insurance and investment service. He also was a senior management in the Wealth Management Division of Wells Fargo Bank. Endel Liias is the managing principal of Nexus Impact Advisors, where he is responsible for setting the firm's strategic vision. These two will be teaming up to talk about how investors can have a kingdom impact. 


10 Ways Startups Fail 

This breakout option will be given by Wade Myers. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. Wade has a portfolio of companies and is a founding partner of two faith-based investment funds: Eagle Venture Capital - a global private equity fund that invests in early-stage to lower middle market companies; and Wellings Capital - an income-focused real estate investment firm that acquires and manages U.S.-based multifamily properties. In his talk he will be covering the 10 top reasons why startups fail. 


Millennials in the Marketplace

Grant Skeldon will be leading this third option of breakouts in session 1. He is the founder of INITIATIVE, a missional millennial network. INITIATIVE’s mission is to shift culture by making millennials Christ-loving, city-changing, church-investing, disciple-making, local missionaries. In Grant's breakout, he will be discussing the ways in which millennials can improve to better serve the marketplace and make a Kingdom impact. 


Business in the Bible

This breakout in session 1 will be led by Dr. Ross O'Brien. He is professor of management and founding director of the Center for Business as Mission at Dallas Baptist University. Ross will lead the group in a discussion of our biblical call to work with Christ in restoring creation and how business serves as an impactful way for us to live out that call.


breakout SESSION 2

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Active Investors

John Raymond will be facilitating this discussion. It will center around why should people actively invest and the risks. Will you receive a return on investment every time and if not, what then? 

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Redemptive Edge 

The Christian concept of the entrepreneur's role in society should reflect a countercultural understanding of success according to Josh Kwan, co-founder of Praxis, Harvard graduate and founding board member of Village Schools International. In the Redemptive Edge breakout session, Josh will explore the dynamics of building high-impact organizations that create enduring value.


Women in Entrepreneurship 

Women are becoming business owners at higher rates than ever before, generating over $1.5 trillion in sales annually. Our Women in Entrepreneurship panel session gives you the incredible opportunity to learn from women who have launched successful businesses, hear their stories, and tap into their expertise. Led by seasoned executive, Wall Street industry expert, author, executive coach, and public speaker, Sandra Williamson Crawford, our Women in Entrepreneurship panel will tackle hard questions about both the challenges and opportunities that women face in 2018, and how, through networking and mentorship, they can continue to rise to become the leaders of the future. 

  • Sandra Crawford Williamson - Crawford Creative Consulting
  • Heidi Rasmussen - Co-found and COO of Fresh Beanies
  •  Amy Siegfried - Co-founder of Last Nights Game 
  • Aimee Minnich - CIO and Co-founder of Impact Foundation  
  •  Marcylle Combs - Founder and CEO of FMS Creative Solutions
  • Liz Bohannon - Founder and Co-Dreamer of Sseko Design 
  • Charlena Ortiz - Founder of Grit and Virtue 
  • Colleen Isaacs - Consultant in Palo Alto
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Practical Ways to Integrate Faith into Business

Ross O'Brien will lead this discussion-based breakout on practical ways to integrate faith and business. Participants will examine Jesus’ teaching from Matthew as applied to the various elements in the business value chain.