Inspired. Involved. Innovative. The power of being “in” — Our speaker, Todd Sinelli, grew up in Detroit, Michigan, was educated on the east coast, wrote books on the west coast, and launched many businesses in Dallas, Texas. His professional experience includes work as a hedge fund manager, director of international expansion for a restaurant brand, being a missionary in Italy, inspirational speaker, author, and magician. His life changed when he began to see setbacks as opportunities and to see the invisible power of words — those spoken, written, and said only to ourselves. Todd specializes in business keynote events focused on those in the service industry. He share timeless truths and mastermind principles applied through engagement, entertainment, and experiential learning. This message is simple, but not simplistic and designed for those desiring: inspiration, intelligence, insight, innovation, inclusion, and teaching others how to see the infinite value of the invisible—

Investors have a hard time finding and investing in high-quality companies that share the same values they do – especially Christian values. That’s why we connect companies with investors through a Christian business pitch competition where business leaders can use their wealth and experience to change the world and make an impact. 


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We vetting for you so your dollars can go into kingdom-minded, socially invested business owners.


Thursday , March 21st, 2019


6:00--9:00p - Investor Dinner 1

Friday, March 22nd 2019 @ Dallas Baptist University


7:30 – 8:30a - Registration, Networking in Exhibition Hall
8:30—9:00 - Kickoff: Building A – Pilgrim Chapel
9:15—10:15 - Breakout seminars : Building A – Pilgrim Chapel
10:15—10:40 - Break Time - visit Sponsor Booths
10:45—11:45 - Breakout seminars : Building A – Pilgrim Chapel
12:00—1:00 - Keynote Lunch “state of impact investing”: Building N – Mahler Student Center
1:15—4:00 - Pitch Event:
Building A – Pilgrim Chapel
4:00—6:00 - Deep Dive - accredited investor meeting: Building A – Pilgrim Chapel
6:00—9:00 - Investor Dinner 2




Dallas Baptist University

3000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75211

*Parking will be in lots 3 and 4. We are planning on having shuttles run back and forth for those attending the event.