Thanks again so much for partnering with us on this great adventure of having DFW’s 3rd annual Kingdom focused Pitch Event and Venture Capital Conference.  We are all very excited about next week’s event and your role. At this point you may be having a few questions that I wanted to clarify.

First and foremost, please be praying for this event coming together, those involved, and those travelling to attend.

If you have not been receiving the biweekly email updates about the event to the network, please let me (Vip) know.  Recently the panel, the breakout sessions, and the keynote have been released.  The companies will be released next week. These are great to forward to contacts of yours and promoting your involvement.

Please sign up for networking dinners asap if you haven’t already so we can make plans appropriately. We typically offer 2 free spots to each event per sponsor/company/panel member, but if you would like to request additional spots please let me know.  These are the special sauce of the Lion’s Den event where you will get to engage investors and the network as a whole. Sign up by clicking on this link   

Upon arrival to set up on Wednesday March 21st you will park in front of Pilgrim’s chapel (the big white church looking building in the middle of the campus) and then come into the lobby to register.

You can set up a 3x6 table in the exhibition hall for the event. You can bring things to set up on the table, behind it, or in place of it. Power will be available. Last year people brought 50 inch TV’s to show their software and mannequins to show products so be creative and have fun with it. There will potentially be 30 tables this year as we just keep growing, Praise the Lord.  (Whether you will or will not use a table, please let me know by 3/1) You can set up tables anytime on Wednesday after 10:30am until 4pm.   If you will want to have an employee “working” your sponsor table, networking and handing out give-a-ways, the best times would be in the morning of 3/22 from 7:30-8:30 am, during breaks between breakout sessions around 10:30, gaps before and after lunch, and at the end of the day. The tables will have to be cleaned off after the event ends by 6pm on 3/22.  A calendar of events with addresses is attached to this email.  

We will have swag bags for all the attendees.  You are also welcome but not required to bring something to put inside or ship it ahead of time.  A post card, brochure, pen, or a sample of your product, anything is welcome. This year we expect a minimum of 300 and potentially 500 in attendance.

There is not a dress code but many will be in business casual or business attire.

If you are not yet connected with us on social media please do so. Direct links are here below. And if you need us to send you logos or photos to post just let me know.

·          The Lions Den Facebook Page

·         The Lions Den Facebook Event Page

·          The Lions Den Twitter  

·          The Lions Den LinkedIn Group

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·         Instagram

There is a Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites nearby if you still haven’t chosen a place to stay. Address: 4112 S Carrier Pkwy- Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Phone: (972)-264-4002

As you are making final plans and arriving the day off, if you have any questions contact me:   Vip: 225-505-6720 or email

We are so excited you are a part of this event and look forward to seeing you face to face in less than a week.  We could not do this without you!!