Critical things to know:

  • You are applying to the 9th Lion’s Den event.  April 16th, 2020 is the 5th annual event in DFW.

  • Over $12 million dollars has been invested in pitch companies as reported by the pitch companies.

  • On average 4 out of 10 companies receive at least 6 figure investments.

  • Over a thousand in attendance @ The Lion’s Den events coming from 10 countries, 27 states, and 83 cities. 

  • For the event our 2 key objectives are:

    • To Connect kingdom capital to kingdom business

    • To inspire, educate and mobilize towards kingdom business

  • You will be chosen for either the Main Event 8 minute pitch with 8 minutes of feedback and questions or the Rocket Round with 5 minute pitch, then the audience will choose their favorite 3 companies for feedback from the panel. 

  • Although we cannot predict the final number of attendees in the audience, you will be sharing your story with hundreds of individuals interested in Business as Mission and the progress of your company.

  • The audience and the panel will “vote” on each company to determine which presentation had the best presentation, BAM focus, most innovative, etc. 

  • This is a 2 day event and you must commit to both days. Day 1 (4/15/2020) is rehearsal with a networking dinner. Day 2 (4/16/2020) is the actual pitch day, seminars, the Deep Dive meeting with Accredited Investors, and a second networking dinner.

  • Applications must be received by December 31st, 2019

Critical things to do:

  • Fill out the below short form summary for your company.  It is very important that you express your company’s mission in a manner that supports the Gospel.  Note that we are asking for validation of your financials and other info on the sheet.  If you need help in providing any of the info give us a call.

  • Fill out the BAM essay that is also a part of this document that will help you to clarify your mission and kingdom impact for your life and your business.

  • Send a PDF draft of your power point that you will use for the presentation (your pitch deck). We know you will go through multiple drafts, but it is helpful for us to learn about your company and give some early feedback tailored to this audience. 

Final remarks:

  • If you are chosen for the event, we will also need your logo, a 3 sentence intro of the person pitching for you company, you will need to be prepared to have a video segment done about you, and by accepting you are committing in word and written form to be at the event on time for the entire duration.

  • Be praying for the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives and businesses of all those participating and attending. Also pray for the logistics and health of all those traveling whether near or far.

    • May the event be led by the Holy Spirit with prayer as the driving force all for God’s glory

    • That all logistics, travel and personal health would be protected and covered in God’s grace

    • The marketing of the event such as website, video, social media and invites would be inspirational and led by the Holy Spirit

    • Thank God for those already attending and to bring those He knows need to attend

    • The quality of the companies and the messages of each presenting company would be clear, concise with a very strong missional purpose

    • The event would be filed with a spirit of unity with no division

    • The participating companies would receive the growth capital they are requesting

    • The Lord’s hand of excellence would be way beyond our own personal abilities

 Please send all applications to - Thank You For Applying

Please Provide the Following information in our short form by clicking here and downloading the form


Please Provide the Following information in our BAM essay form by clicking here and downloading bam essay:

Please send all applications to - Thank You For Applying