So I was at an event recently talking with millennial's and startup companies mostly focused on the tech industry.

One attendee said there's often a stigma and negative feelings towards faith-based companies.

I will be honest, my immediate response that day was rather weak and it has been rolling over in my mind recently because i just hadn’t thought through my answer.  (P.S. i often speak before thinking so no surprise here really)

Had I really thought through how I would respond to such a question, things may have gone much differently.

This should have been my response…

Would you want to be connected to a company that makes a great product or service and sells it at an appropriate price?

Would you want to be a part of a company that is making an impact positively on the environment, society, and the world at large?

Would you want to work at a company whose actions are the same as their values and whose actions don’t make you feel bad for working there?

Would you like to go to a workplace where diversity and equal opportunity for all people is truly lived out, where you are encouraged just by showing up?  

Would you want to go to work everyday with people who build up one another?

Would you like to work for a company that genuinely cares about their employees, that pays them fairly, that supports them and their families, that gives generously to the community, that returns profit to investors on time, that supports widows, orphans and human trafficked women out of it’s overflow, that employs those that are disabled, downtrodden, and those who need a second chance from time spent as convicts?  

What if this company was all these things and they made great profit.  Would you want to invest in a company like that?

So what is stigmatic about that?  About loving where you work and the people you work with, about feeling good about where your company spends its extra profts and how it impacts the world.  

As an investor, would it be awesome to put your money in a company that makes great revenue and that you can trust will do their books honestly and pay you back? Would it also be great to know that a percentage of your company and investment dollars is going to support orphans getting taken care of, the sick being made well, girls who were human trafficked to be freed, and ex-cons and disabled people to find job opportunities?

That is how i should have responded.  That companies in and of themselves are not faith based, but that people are, and if the leaders in the company are faithful followers of Jesus Christ and run their companies in a way that honors God they will operate with honesty and integrity in a way that blesses others in the office and community whether they are faith based or not.

Let’s change turn this stigma upside down, so that working for a company with faith based leaders and employees is the desire of every person.  

You are blessed to be a blessing Christian, make a positive impact in your workplace today.