May 27th, 2016 was an incredible life changing day.  I was and still am in awe of God for bringing together business and ministry leaders from 4 countries, 8 states, and 28 cities to invest in businesses that will take the good news to the ends of the earth.  

Anticipation was high when the companies arrived for rehearsal Monday afternoon. The 11 companies pitched their businesses and 10 panel judges that were split into two different sessions came at them with challenging questions and words of encouragement.  

The audience voted live throughout they day and audience favorites were chosen in the areas of Innovation, Mission Integration, and Business Model. Both panels got to choose a panel favorite as well. You can see the results and a picture of the winners on our Facebook page by clicking here.

The response to The Lion’s Den DFW 2016 was better than our core could have imagined with many people responding that they were encouraged spiritually and a least 3 companies who pitched already have active investor engagement with one of these companies already receiving investment funds.

Tim Day of Daylight Solutions discussed their tremendous growth since pitching at The Lion’s Den in Birmingham just 6 months before. Joel Montgomery of Bravewave Labs brought a great message on how to become a high growth company.

We were amazed that we had such good engagement from two local groups, incubators and universities.

We had pitch companies from The Dec, attendees from The Grove, and panelists from The Foundry. With 23 incubators in DFW, the opportunities for growth are great.

 The university connections were also really encouraging. UTD was represented, Simon Mak from SMU brought his whole class and used The Lion's Den as a key part of his 1 week course.

DBU also had multiple teachers such as Ross O'brien who built their 1 week classes around The Lion’s Den. We are discussing next year building more classes around the event and using it as a way to engage students on all of the DFW campuses. 

If you missed The Lion’s Den DFW this May, learn more about the pitch companies and panel involved here, and don’t miss the next The Lion's Den event coming October 27-28 in Birmingham, AL. Click here to register now to pitch, to invest, or to attend. The Lion's Den will be coming back to DFW in Spring 2017 and plans are already in the works. Look for a save the date coming soon.