The Lion’s Den is a Christian business pitch competition that creates financial, educational, and missional opportunities for both entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow their businesses, and for investors looking to gain financial returns while making missional impact locally, nationally, and globally.

The event takes place in the Fall in Birmingham, AL and in the Spring in Dallas, TX so that twice a year entrepreneurs and investors who love Jesus can come together and grow the ecosystem. More than $15 Million has been invested in companies who pitched at The Lion’s Den as reported by the companies, and new companies coming from various industries get funding from attendees at every event. 

But not every company is ready to pitch at The Lion's Den. Our investors are looking to pour into companies that have a Business As Mission Focus. 

What is Business As Mission?

BAM is a worldwide movement of kingdom minded marketplace leaders and entrepreneurs who use their businesses, their business success and influence, their networks of relationships, their business experience, skills, knowledge, etc. for Kingdom impact.

BAM Opportunities seek a quadruple bottom line:

  • Kingdom return
  • Financial return
  • Social return
  • Environmental responsibility & stewardship

Investing in businesses and companies with great financial and growth prospects – AND strong Kingdom purpose and mindset - means investing in companies will have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Strong Christ centered culture internally and externally – employees, vendors, customers have a “Let your light shine in the darkness" experience -- Biblical values in action. 
  • Job & Business Creation – deliberate activities designed to provide “transformative” job and business opportunities to eliminate poverty, provide generational sustainability, strengthen families, support local church involvement and ministries, support healthy local communities and economies, etc. and create relationships and opportunities for Kingdom impact.
  • Strategic Evangelistic & Discipleship Efforts – deliberate activities that are designed to spread the gospel, plant churches and build disciples domestically and internationally
  • Doing Good through humanitarian, social, or environmental products and services that provide powerful solutions for people and the community, making the world a better place to live in order to have a platform for Kingdom impact.
  • Profit Creation and Stewardship of Kingdom Financial Resources to fund activities, ministries, nonprofits, charities, missions, etc. for Kingdom impact.
  • Some combination of all of the above.  Many “flavors” of Business As Mission depending upon the leading of the Holy Spirit – all designed  for Kingdom purpose and impact.

If you think your organization fits the bill, we encourage you to apply to be a part of The Lion's Den DFW 2018. Email for more information. 

Here's a glimpse of last year's The Lion's Den DFW Event.