I was a bit of a know-it all-as a kid...and teenager...and college student.

My sisters who are 8, 10 and 12 years older than me had all gone off to college or had started a life by the time I'd gotten to high school. By that time, quite honestly I think my parents had gotten just plain tired, so they kinda left me to figure out some things on my own. 

And I did. 

A rather successful trek through high school, a couple college degrees and 5-years post-grad setting up a small private Christian school later, I was feeling pretty confident about my set-up, and even more confident about my skill-set and ability to build.

But nothing tests you quite like entrepreneurship.

I've been self-employed full time for a little over five years, all while trying to balance the magic of single motherhood with the quest for legacy building. It's been the single most daunting task of my entire life. And while I'm blessed to have managed to keep my head above water and our bodies out of the streets, I can willingly confess that out of sheer ignorance have I gone through more business models than my kid has chicken nuggets. Pair my ignorance with an intrinsic desire to serve people while simultaneously meeting needs and doing good business, and you've got a smorgasbord of sleepless nights, wandering thoughts and mass confusion. 

Can I serve God, serve people and build a legacy for my family at the same time?

Um...yes? Well, at least that's what I'm learning. 

Working with the Lion's Den was kind of a beautiful accident. Last year, I'd just completed a year of discipleship training with Initiative, a millineal-based organization with a heart for equipping 'local disciples' to serve their city. I was invited to sit in on one meeting for The Lion's Den, and the rest, as they say, was history. 

My initial thought was that I'd lend a few of my skills as a marketer to help improve the face of the event. But what has happened instead has been a bit more of an exchange. While I've had the opportunity to lend my voice and skill set to the team, I've learned from a band of veteran business owners how to have the heart and mind required to run a successful business all while serving God and serving people.

Business as Mission is an artful, intentional dance, one that requires the colorful education and fine-tuning of kind and delicate hands that are willing to guide you through the sometimes complicated process of business ownership and entrepreneurship. 

That's what the Lion's Den has been for me.

You'll learn from and shake hands with some of the most intelligent, humble people you've ever met, all while being exposed to people who I believe define what 'doing business well' really looks like. 

So, is The Lion's Den really for you? 

It'll cost you zero dollars to come and find out. 

Register here.