This month we launched the inaugural Lion’s Den DFW - DBU student scholarship luncheon focusing on “investing in the faith driven entrepreneurs of the future.”

Over $25,000 was raised for scholarships benefiting Christian business students.  The chosen students covered the globe from Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Mexico City, and across the US and were able to share their future hopes and dreams with their sponsors.  

The Keynote speaker, Dr. Aaron Fletcher of Bios Research and Bios Partners, shared his story, including his passion for glorifying God through excellence in the sciences, which led him to identify products and methods in biotech that would not work.  This began his road to researching and investing in great companies and products that could be excellent and provide great impact to people’s lives.

He concluded that having a successful career is like making a good soup, requiring the meat and potatoes of passion and hard work, to combine with the spices of expertise, connections, money management skills, and vision.