The Lion’s Den mission is to connect companies with investors through a Christian business pitch competition where business leaders can use their wealth and experience to change the world and make an impact, and this is exactly what happened at this year’s conference!  


The 4th annual Lion’s Den Event in DFW was held at the nationally ranked Dallas Baptist University campus on March 22, 2019. At this year’s event there were close to 500 in attendance, representing 25 states and over 70 cities! 

The conference kicked off with Todd Sinelli inspiring the audience with his words and with a little magic! He spoke about being inspired, involved, innovative and the power of being “in”.

There were many incredible breakout sessions including Impact Investing for family offices, private equity groups, venture capitalists, and even through public equities. Panel after panel of experienced business leaders talked to entrepreneurs about how to build a thriving impactful business. For the second year, a panel of successful women entrepreneurs shared opportunities and issues they face daily in the marketplace as women.

We also had the pleasure of Wade Myers joining us once again. He led several sessions where he discussed how to raise money successfully as an entrepreneur and talked about how to implement a successful framework for growth stage companies. Other key breakout topics included sharing your faith at work and what the bible says about business.


This year we had an exceptional Keynote Lunch which completely sold out. Our panel, including Elizabeth Phillips, Executive Director of the Phillips Foundation, Will Thomas, Managing Director of Ambassadors Impact Network, Aimee Minnich, Co-Founder and General Counsel of the Impact Foundation, and Jake Thomsen, Partner at Sovereign’s Capital Management, spoke on the “State of Impact Investing.” 

Our 2019 Pitch Competition was strong, and everyone did an amazing job giving their best performance to win over votes. This year’s pitch companies included:


  • Ideal Impact

  • VOMO

  • Able

  • Next Door Photos

  • RAWAY Entertainment

  • Micromech

  • Martin Bionics

  • Bootkik

  • Fresh Aquaculture

  • Communitas

We are excited to announce the winners:

  • Audience Main Event Favorite: Akola

  • Audience Rocket Round Favorite: Micromech 

  • Audience Most Potential for Kingdom Impact: Micromech

  • Judges Main Event Favorite: Akola 

  • Judges Rocket Round Favorite: Martin Bionics

  • Judges Most Potential for Kingdom Impact: Ideal Impact 

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